• Child Support
  • Brand protection
    Industrial Counter
  • Analysis and
    Evidence Collection
  • Analysis and data extraction
    from computers and mobile phones
  • Analysis and ballistic tests
    on weapons and ammunition
  • Analysis and Expert Datyloscopic reports
  • Analysis of blood spots

EZIO DENTI Private Investigator Private Investigator Private Investigator at your service

Leading expert in the field of Criminal Investigation; services are carried out guarding and preserving the protection of the accused or involved in a violent or mortal crime.
Conducts inquiries on behalf of lawyers in activities related to investigations for the defense in criminal trials. Ezio Denti, in fact, contributes to putting into use the principle of having the right to a fair defense and demonstrates the absolute need, in these cases, of having auxiliary experts specialized in the gathering of evidence and search for the truth.

Ezio Denti is a professional with proven experience, who works both in the field of criminal and private investigations.
Leading expert in Private Investigations and Criminal Defense Investigations in the protection of Privates whether involved in or accused of a violent or mortal crime.